About us

About us

Welcome at BB-Folien .

What it has been unthinkable a few years ago, it is now posible - without a risk of damage of the original lacquer. Mat effects, perla matte effects, platinum effects, glow effects, chrome effects, etc. By using foil, change the look of the vehicle, protect the paint from small abrasions, weatherproofing, stones, etc., thereby also keep the value of the vehicle. Which is especially suitable for vehicle leasing and Premium Class vehicle.

In 2009, he began B.Bele developed under the name Foliocar Bele Bostjan the field of foiling vehicles. In 2015, he decided to further development and operating under its brand BB-Folien in Premium foiling vehicles, foiling rally cars, etc ...

BB-Folien  offers a comprehensive range of conceptual, design, implementation, and award the vehicle to the customer. Make sure of the quality.

Telephone: +386 31 224 043



Firmenname: BB-FOLIEN Folierungen, lepljenje vozil, Svenšek Amadeja s.p.
Adresse: Ormoška cesta 29, 2250 Ptuj

Unternehmensnummer: 8395748000



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