Foiling, types of foiling and foil


Everything from A to Z - from the acquisition of vehicles to satisfied customer.
During the implementation we advise you certain parts are dismantled, thoroughly cleaned, whereupon is foiling (as desired is carried out also additional applications).
At last are all dismantled parts according to the standards of the manufacturer mounted, whereupon vehicle is again controled and only then handed to the contracting authority.


Types of foiling

  • Standard foiling
    Standard foiling
    At a standard foiling is foiling entire varnished surface, foil is sided folding about 3 - 5 mm in the interior. When opening the door and other moving parts you can see the original colour of the vehicle. Foiling mirrors and handles is of course also included.
  • Premium foiling
    Premium foiling
    Includes everything as standard foiling, only with addition of foiling interior (of the thresholds, the uprights, door frame). Who is at foiling of its own car paying huge attention on details, it is unnecessary that at the opening the doors it sees its original colour of the vehicle. Which is even more suggested at foiling from ˝wild˝ colours, for example from red to black, where is especially pronounced transition.

  • Rally foiling
    Rally foiling
    Foiling sports vehicle from sponzores, design, all to the road...


  • Partly foiling vehicle
    Partly foiling vehicle
    It does not matter if it goes for exhibition exhibit or vehicle for private use, with partly foiling we can in quick time and minium cost can make an unique vehicle which attracts looks not only on the presentation or exhibition.

  • Foiling package-voluntary
    Foiling package-voluntary
    Foiling on customer request. The customer sets the maximum amount that would like deducted for foiling. Offer is in relation to the limit., design, optical change in the appearance of the vehicle ...


  • Protective foiling
    Protective foiling
    It is foiling a protective transparent super thick elastic film which provides lasting protection against bumps and scratches to paintwork. Especially for the exposed parts such as the bonnet, bumper, sills, stowage space, etc ...


  • Optimization wheels
    Optimization wheels
    At the customer's request also adjust the appearance of the wheels.

Removing the foil

BB-Folien films are designed to remove without any traces of leakage (adhesive, damage to paintwork, ..), even after years. By gently heating easier to remove the film. It is recommended especially careful, since excessive heat can harm the paint and plastic parts.

We recommend that the film also removes the BB Folien. Some parts of the vehicle also must be re-installed. Paint after removal of the film retains its original state.

Film protective paint from UV rays, from minor mechanical impact (damage, etc.) and protect original colors.


Why BB-Foliendoes not havw any Prices on Web site?

Prices of foilinig depend on the following factors:

  • Factor vehicle type
    The amount of material (film), the parts which must be removed-mounted, mirrors ...
  • Factor color
    In the dark of the vehicle, the original color is lost in the form of shadows, In the "wild" basic colors, such as red, orange, white, laminating base is more difficult and time-consuming.
  • Factor mechanical work
    On some cars it takes a lot of individual parts re-installed befor foiling.

These factors are the most important data for the preparation a offer.


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